The Rifleman's Association


The Rifleman's Association - Background and Concept The central organisation for The Rifleman's Association (TRA) has been established since the formation of the Regiment in 2007. This has allowed the Association to evolve initially on the already established branches of our Forming Regiments. The end state is to develop a Rifleman's Association supported by a network of branches (existing & new) established wherever ex serving Rifleman are residing and in numbers large enough to support the requirement. "The way forward" where appropriate is for the already established Association branches to be the building blocks of the TRA. In many cases RIFLES veterans, will wish to establish RIFLES Association Groupings. The key element for a successful RIFLES Association is to establish an annual "Gathering" on a fixed date and location to create the conditions for growth. The Purpose of the Association  The purpose of the Association is to provide a forum where Riflemen of all ranks who are serving or have, at any time, served in the Regiment or in any affiliated Regiment can continue to be part of "The Rifles Family" Through maintaining contact with the Regiment and friends.

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