The Rifles Regatta 2017

The 2017 Rifles Regatta was held at Sea View YC on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th June. Two days of ‘competitive’ sailing and another enjoyable Regatta Dinner in the Yacht Club   Two challenging days of sailing were met head on by a largely inexperienced fleet. The Rifles Fleet put to sea on Day 1 in the teeth of a brisk, gusting to 24 knots, breeze that required steely nerves to run with the wind into a head tide and short waves that liberally wetted all aboard leaving  face and hair caked in salt. Experienced or qualified Helms (1RIFLES) were offered to novice crews with the 4RIFLES crew joining the now empty 1RIFLES boats. There was a full day of racing with 6 courses set by David Quekett and his Bridge for there was concern that the wind would die away completely by dawn on Day 2. A glassy sea, and still conditions greeted the Fleet on Day 2 but the sunshine was dramatic in comparison to the previous Day. However, though light, the wind was sufficient to allow the Fleet to put to sea again with the challenge of playing with the spinnaker – made the more interesting following a confusing brief on deck. Nevertheless, the “instruction” from Day 1 allowed crews to return to their own Mermaid with RHQ ‘B’ and 4RIFLES grasping the nettle of the gentle breeze to put into practice Lessons Learnt and all boats to differing degrees used their spinnaker while the body gently tanned in the sun. With this accumulated knowledge and , now, experience, it is hoped that many will return in 2018 and following years.  

2017 Rifles Regatta Results ·       

The Davies-Scourfield Bell – Best Battalion Boat                                             1RIFLES ‘A’                               (Reaney, Pearson, Wrigley) ·       

The Jefferson Trophy – Best Non-Battalion Boat                                             RHQ ‘A’                               (Lerwill, Marsh, Hazlitt) ·       

The Robert Hughes Memorial Cup – Best Young Crew                                   1RIFLES ‘B’                                (Daly, Fisher, Robertson)