1 RIFLES Homecoming Parade

Today saw the Homecoming Parade for 1st Battalion The Rifles. 1 Rifles has been deployed on Operation Shader, the UK's involvement in support of counter Da’esh operations in Iraq, since August 2015.

Their role has been training the Iraqi and Kurdish security forces to fight and defeat Da'esh. The training has compromised of infantry tactics, bomb disposal, field engineering and first aid. Over the 18-months deployment in Iraq, they trained more than 30,000 Iraqi Army and Kur...dish Peshmerga. Training is also in place for those forces who will secure Iraq in the longer term once Da’esh has been defeated.

The Commanding Officer Lt Col Grist and Senior Inspecting Officer Lt Gen Hodges were quick to praise the efforts and professionalism of the Riflemen who stood before them.