Farmer Boys cycle London to Paris

A group of Rifles veterans are setting off from London on 31 August, covering a total of 460km/284miles over 4 days. This is the only cycling event apart from the Tour de France that the Arc de Triomphe closes for.

Farren Drury a member of the Farmer Boys Team says "As many of the great people reading this will know, I was a soldier, serving for 23 years and enjoying everything an Army career offered.  I was lucky to serve alongside some amazing soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen and come out relatively unscathed.  Many servicemen and women aren't so lucky.  Most people are aware of the physical and psychological damage many servicemen and women leave with and the support the public has shown in recognition of the sacrifices made has been immense and so appreciated. The Royal British Legion does an incredible job in support of the Armed Forces community which goes way beyond the Poppy appeal.  I feel blessed to be able to take on such an event as I get older and I know everyone who supports me and the Farmers Boys team" (derived from The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment which I joined in 1982 and is now a founding Regiment of the Rifles - the largest Infantry Regiment in the Army) can be proud to be backing a truly worthy cause."

To show you support please see the following LINK