Rifles success at the Army Brazilian Jui Jitsu Championships

On Wednesday 15th March. 8 members of the Rifles BJJ Team represented the Regiment at the Army Brazilian Jui Jitsu Championships hosted at The Army Combat Centre in Aldershot. Many congratulations to all those listed below on their success, demonstrating the true core values of our Riflemen.

CSjt Jon Deeley (4 RIFLES) White belt -82kgs Gi Silver and NoGi Silver.
Also for outstanding fighting spirit he was awarded the Crystal Palace Cup presented by Mauricio Gomes (7th Dan Coral Belt).

Cpl Alan Thomas (2 RIFLES) Blue belt -64kgs. Had no one in his division so moved to -70kg division. Gi Silver and NoGi Bronze.

Rfn Lewis Stone (1 RIFLES) Purple belt -88kgs Gi Gold and Absolute NoGi Gold.

LCpl Dale Walters (1 RIFLES) White belt -88kgs Gi Bronze and Absolute Gi Bronze.

Rfn Wilander Oridinando (1 RIFLES) Blue belt -76kgs Gi Silver and NoGi Silver.

Rfn Alex Gill (1 RIFLES) White belt -88kgs Gi Silver.

Pte Denice Webb (6 RIFLES CMT) White belt, Womens open division Gi Gold and NoGi Gold.

Cpl Turley (1 RIFLES attached to 6 RIFLES) competed in White -82kgs division. Didn't medal but fought hard in a high level competition after only 6 months training.